Design Architectural has been designing business houses and homes of residence for over 35 years and feels privileged to have been engaged by many of the clients we have designed for, re-placing them into their new surroundings. We enjoy the experience of working closely with the client, understanding completely their operations and needs so that the final building functions most efficiently, incorporating all aspects of their business or family home


To design a building that simply provides for the needs of the client we represent. To work with a main contractor and ensure that the finished building portrays the strength of the client we act for, fulfilling their expectation by constructing a building that specifically meets the brief, and is finished to a high quality, identifying with the client’s success.


Key elements contribute to great design and delivery; staff, consultants and a clear brief. These elements provide the catalyst for good performance allowing efficient, comprehensive and precise documentation. Design Architectural strives to bring every project in on budget, never compromising on quality. We work closely with all who are involved during the project, collating all consultants’ information. Time is a key factor, which is always at the forefront of any project. Design Architectural reliably produces documentation in a quick timeframe letting the project move forward to completion.